Tips of cleaning chandeliers

In our modern life, there are various styles for house, we all know that those would be equipped with inductive reaction, it could absorb the dust, then the beautiful chandeliers would be with complex style and shade, if you do not disturb the shade, then the bulbs would be touched with dust and wire, the electroplated pole and base would be prevented from rust, at the same time, shade is becoming dark. If we do not clean the fixture always, it would waste the power, because of the bulbs and fixtures, same voltage would be lowered 30 percent.


In fact, if you get some tips, then the fixture could be made according to fixture, then you could choose the fixture suffers the pressure from the shade, if you equip with the transmittance of light.

When we clean the bulbs, we had better do with the dust work, then keeps our effect smart and gorgeous. Then we could keep the beer into the water, after keeping it steady, that keeps light bright, at the same time, it is equipped with dust function.